The UNIVERSAL solar screens, with three different lateral guides, do credit to their name. The choice between aluminum guide rails, stainless steel wires and chrome steel rod guides offers a wide range of options. Compact construction and an elegant box make this suitable for windows, covered decks, patios and pergola structures. As well as providing exterior protection, UNIVERSAL screens serve as a modern design element that can be installed on walls or ceilings. The screens are operated either by a gear and crank-handle or an optional electric motor. Several screens can be linked together and the wide choice of fabrics and frame colours provides the right choice for every application.




The VENTOSOL solar screen is a modern and solid shade solution with a wide range of uses. The SIR System (Soft Integrated Retaining System), which works like a zip, guarantees maximum stability of the internal fabric guidance system. Because of this, VENTOSOL solar screens are able to withstands strong winds. The VENTOSOL is fitted with a counterweight system and motor drive as standard. The elegant, slightly rounded box of the VENTOSOL solar screen is self-supporting. Various mounting options allow the structure to be fixed to walls or in recesses. Operated by crank-handle or optional electric motor.

* Wind protection up to 120 km/h depending on dimensions and location



The VERTICAL is the classic vertical solar screen. The basic model of the vertical screen is supplied without a protective box. You can choose between lateral guides with stainless steel cables, with chrome steel rod guides, or with aluminum guide rails. The slim design of the VERTICAL solar screen, together with its sophisticated technical features allow the screen to be installed on almost any home or building.