Thanks to the extended dimensions of the tried and tested PERGOLINO awning, you can now provide decent shade over very large areas. Whether for a backyard gathering or a restaurant patio, you and your guests are perfectly protected from the sun and rain. Side and front shading options can also be integrated for added protection. A support profile underneath the guide rails provides the system with a high degree of stability. The PERGOLINO is thus able to withstand even high winds and weather. The robust system is assembled easily and quickly. Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the cover remains taut in any position. The Pergolino is operated by an electric motor and offers ease of use with remote control operation.


• adjustable brackets and guide

• Optional front drainage
through grommet holes

• High fabric tension thanks
to fabric-locking system

• Can be used in the rain

• Large area can be shaded
– up to 19’8” projection

• Additional units can be joined
via coupler & water channel