Thanks to the extended dimensions of the tried and tested PERGOLINO awning, you can now provide decent shade over very large areas. Whether for a private party or a restaurant lounge, you and your guests are perfectly protected from the sun and rain. Side and front shading options can also be integrated for added protection. A support profile underneath the guide rails provides the system with a high degree of stability. The PERGOLINO is thus able to withstand even high winds and weather. The robust system is assembled easily and quickly. Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the cover remains taut in any position. The powerful electric drive system ensures effortless use.

•4 standard frame colors
•hundreds of standard fabrics
•integrated aluminum housing
•anchoring options



The MELANO retractable awning protects against the sun and even rain without any slope requirements. When raining, the robust RESISTANT fabric ensures optimum water run-off and while options such as integrated solar screens or atmospheric LED lighting, enhance the carefree leisure experience. Thanks to the wall junction profile option the MELANO folding awning can be attached seamlessly to exterior walls. Equipped with only two front supports, large areas protected from the sun and rain are created. The solid aluminum design is available in a multitude of standard and custom colours to easily complement both the fabric and the home.

•4 standard frame colors
•hundreds of standard fabrics
•anchoring options



The new STOBAG pergola RIVERA is designed to be a true water-tight pergola awning. When it rains, the tightly stretched RESISTANT fabric guides the water in a controlled manner to the run-off system in the front area. The integrated folding awning creates cool shade in sunshine and protects against damaging UV radiation. The optional built in LED lighting creates ambiance on those warm summer evenings. With the variable sliding glazing system you benefit from additional protection against wind and weather and and an extended patio season – panoramic view included. Thanks to the high-quality materials and corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum profiles, the RIVERA pergola awning offers outstanding durability and reduced maintenance. The flame-resistant polyester fabric (fire protection class B1) with dirt-repellent surface is the excellent choice for private areas as well as outdoor restaurants at hotels and restaurants.



THE LOUVERED ALUMINUM ROOF ON THE BAVONA IS DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME. As a bio-climatic canopy, the BAVONA provides perfect protection from sun and rain with variably inclining aluminum louvers. The natural air circulation through the louvers acts like an environmentally friendly air conditioning system. Relax in the fresh air and enjoy the comfort of reliable sun and weather protection and experience the interplay of light and shade. The design of the BAVONA impresses through its cubic design style and the sophistically integrated technology. Each BAVONA is tailor-made and available in a multitude of standard colour options to complement your unique backyard oasis.