Extensive shade can be provided for open areas easily and conveniently. The clever awning system, two box awnings on a sturdy steel frame, is particularly suitable for use at bars and restaurants, swimming pools or a garden party at home. With the help of an additional central support, the area of shade can almost be extended infinitely. The timeless, unique design is available in a choice of square or rounded forms. The slimline closed cassette protects the cover from the elements when the awning is retracted. The BOXMOBIL can be operated using a crank or a convenient motor drive is also available. High stability is guaranteed by the concrete sockets or fixing with recessed floor sleeves.



The OMBRAMOBIL is a free-standing double awning which provides a very large area of shade. As there are no middle posts to get in the way, the space under the awning can be used to the best effect. The OMBRAMOBIL is very versatile and can be used for catering establishments or private use, as well as for play schools, market stalls or outdoor festivities. As the name implies, this awning is mobile and disassembling takes only a very short time. The stable folding arms with double cables roll out both sides simultaneously. The two-leg version is available with cross feet or with floor sleeves to be set in concrete. Fabric and folding arms are well protected in the box, so the OMBRAMOBIL can be left outside over the winter.